Holiday Gift Guide: Boujee Bestie

Holiday Gift Guide: Boujee Bestie

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The countdown has officially started for Christmas, and it is 12 days away!! I know I can’t believe it either and still have to get so many gifts, but that is what makes online shopping the best for times like these. I have been MIA studying for my PMP exam which I take on Friday. Please wish me luck on this as I am going to need it! Afterwards I will be going on a party bus with some of my best friends to go look at Christmas lights which I can’t wait for! Yes, we are boujee like that and I love it. If you have been living under a rock and haven’t heard the song “Bad and Boujee” then I would like to coin the phrase “boujee” as high class. You enjoy the finer things in life, basically the champagne lifestyle. I will not deny that I love going to the boujee restaurants and bars, and my friends have sometimes said that I am as well. I definitely have some friends that are though and they are guys and girls. One of my guy friends even has a whiskey mentor and only likes to go to Michelin star restaurants. So whether you are a celeb and have millions of dollars or not, we all know that person that at least acts boujee. This holiday gift guide is for that person who has everything or enjoys that high style life. If you follow on social media you see one item on here that I already have been asking for for Christmas 😉

  • Vinglace: This is probably the best invention ever. I first spotted this a couple of weeks ago and have been obsessed ever since. It is basically like a Yeti for your wine bottle! It is completely insulated and conforms to the wine bottle in the best type of material there is. I hate using an ice bucket with my white wine and when you are going to meet some friends this would be so easy to just throw your wine into.
  • Plaid Tweed Jacket: I am obsessed with this coat and it looks like it is about 10 times more than what it really costs. No it is not Burberry, but this coat looks so chic and amazing. The plaid tweed and faux shearling brings the luxe pattern and material together for this coat that would make anyone look like a million bucks.
  • Leather Belt: What is everyone wearing these days from celebs to every fashion blogger? That is all things Gucci! Now if you can afford a Gucci belt for your boujee bestie then all means get it girl friend. This replica that I found after just needing a solid black belt is pretty dang close to the real deal. For only $15 load up and get the tan and black one for your bestie, she will love them!
  • Floppy Hat: A boujee girl always needs to have a good floppy hat. This is essential for all of the brunches and shopping she will be doing on the weekends with her girlfriends. What makes a Sunday Funday outfit even better, is of course a great hat to go with it. I wear this black hat all of the time and it has easily become my go to on the weekends. This is a staple in every girls closet.
  • Diptyque Candle: These candles are the Cadillacs of all candles. If you have ever bought one of these you know how luxurious they are. Everyone raves about these candles and the jars are always so pretty. After you gift your friend this they can reuse the jar for their makeup brushes or as another holder too.
  • Lip Set: This is the perfect lip set to gift anyone. The nude color in this set will go well with every skin tone. Not only does this have the liquid lipstick included in it, it also has the liner and the regular lipstick too. Now if I had more time I know that I would be lining my lips all of the time. We all know that our boujee besties won’t step foot outside if they are not rocking a good lip.
  • Prosecco Pong: Ok I want this for myself ASAP! How fun is this little game and classy at the same time!! It brings the competitiveness of beer bong to something that your boujee friend will participate in, especially if they are cute little coupes like these. This would be so fun during the holidays to play with all of your friends and family too.

I hope you all enjoyed this guide. Sometimes we think what do I give my friend who loves the high class lifestyle?  There are more things than we think that would work out just fine. All of these items are under $100 and most are under $50. You don’t have to spend a million bucks for the gift to seem like it costs a million bucks 😉 If you have any other suggestions let me know below!

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