hosting a book club

Hosting a Book Club

hosting a book club

hosting a book club

hosting a book club

hosting a book club

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I am excited for this post as it is something that I have been having a lot of fun with over the last couple of months. That would be book club with my girls! Now I know when we first think of book club we think of middle aged to later aged women all just talking about a book but it is more than that. First of all it is a time to bond and drink wine and who doesn’t love that. I have always loved to read and growing up I read all of the time and not just because the school made me. When I went away to college I didn’t read as much, but since I have been in the work place for 5 years now I have had more me time to do that. It is one of the best ways to go to sleep instead of scrolling scrolling and more scrolling through all of the social media we can possibly scroll through. As it gets closer to summertime having a great book to read by the pool is just the perfect hot weather activity. Lately we have been picking mysteries and it has really been keeping us on our toes when we get together for book club to discuss. It is so great to get a mix of girls together and just discuss our views of the book and bond over something we feel like we could be a character of too. I started hosting this book club a couple of months ago and have loved it so far. We just now picked out our 4th book and I can’t wait to start reading. I have listed some of my tips and what we do to make it fun below.

  • Everyone is Welcome: I created a Facebook group page for the book club when I started it a couple of months ago and invited not only my close friends but high school friends, college friends, work friends, and even some of my family. You never know who would be interested in reading and was just wanting that invite for a social like this. Even if they can’t make the book club sessions at least they still get recommendations on new books. Some of my friends don’t finish the book or don’t even begin but still want to come and socialize which is fine too!
  • Hold End of Book Sessions: With everyone’s busy schedules we only hold the book club nights when we have finished the entire book. Some people have where they meet several times for the same book after they finish up to a certain chapter to discuss. I like it when we were completely finished with the book because we have so much to talk about and didn’t have to leave anything out. This also makes it great for people who finish the book in 1 day or for others who take a month to read it. We typically meet every other month which gives people time to plan to attend and plenty of time to read. That has worked out well instead of every month because we all know life happens and sometimes we don’t have the time we would like to have to read.
  • Have Everyone Bring Something: The last 3 book clubs I have hosted, and I will always provide some sort of appetizers and a beverage. I always tell everyone to still bring an app or drink to share with everyone. This makes it better if you have a large group coming and there can be a variety of different items to share and try too. Book clubs are meant to be a fun and social time so a big dinner is not necessary. Having it set up this way makes it easy and carefree for everyone.
  • Always Take a Vote: When we are planning for the next book club night I will take a vote on the Facebook group page on what week works best for everyone. We also always offer suggestions of new books that we have heard of when we are at book club to read for the next one. I write them down and then post in the Facebook group page and we do a vote on the next book to read as well. It gives everyone a say and feel like they are included.
  • Mix Up the Genre of Book: The last 3 books that we have read have been pretty serious mystery books which I never used to read before. They have been pretty dang good and everyone has really enjoyed reading them. Our next book though is nothing like that and a bit more serious which I think is a good change. Reading a juicy love story in the summertime might be good or a documentary that just came out. Switching it up gives other people’s reading tastes included too. It also opens you up to types of books you never thought you would read.
  • Have Your Own Questions: Sometimes I look at Pinterest to find questions that I could ask when we are discussing the book, but a lot of the times the discussions just start happening. The first hour we are eating, drinking and talking about whatever then we dive into the book. Just start talking about what you thought of it and of course the ending and you can get off on topics and questions you never thought you would without a full set of questions. This makes it fun and to see so many different types of opinions or thoughts about certain characters or events that happened and how they would relate to situations today.
  • Have Fun: This is a social activity, hobby, helping your brain, and relaxing! You have got to have fun with this too. We typically have about 5-8 girls that are able to join when we meet. This is a great number to host and have fun without it being too crowded. If there was a particular theme you can go out and get decorations or serve certain drinks/appetizers that tie to that book. I know when I read the After Party I made these great cocktails because the book was set in the 50’s and they were always drinking. If you are hosting in February might as well make it a Galentines night too which would be fun.

However you end up hosting do know that book clubs are meant for all ages and they are so much fun. Instead of just being on social media pick up a book and fuel your brain by diving into a story that might just be addicting. Use some of these tips and go out and gather your friends and start hosting your own book club!

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  • Reply Kim May 9, 2017 at 9:06 am

    I’ve had so much fun coming to book club! We always get of topic but we do discuss the book and have a great catch up session!


    • Reply Brittany Boone May 9, 2017 at 4:58 pm

      Yes I totally agree! Never thought I would be doing book club at our age but have so much fun 🙂

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