Nashville Travel Guide

Nashville Travel Guide

Hi, I am so excited to share this Nashville travel guide with you all. It has been crazy since we have gotten back from Nashville because of Hurricane Harvey and all of the chaos that was brought on to so many people and the city. This trip to Nashville was one that I had been wanting to do for such a long time. It has always been one of my bucket list destinations because the country music, food, and bar scene looked amazing. This was one of those places that you go on for a girls trip! There were so many bachelorette parties everywhere we looked. A lot of people have caught onto Nashville and are going there non-stop. The trip happened kind of last minute as we were thinking we need to take a fun long weekend trip and where would be good to go? Nashville of course was the answer and we couldn’t have been more excited. As we get older and more of our girlfriends are married and have babies now, the group kind of dwindles down. It ended up being myself and my best friend from high school and my bestie from college/roommate. We wish we could have stayed longer than just 2 nights, but we were able to still get a lot in. There were so many places that were recommended to us that we wish we could have gone to all of them. Below are some of the places we went to and loved, and some of the others that we will try on the next trip.

Nashville Travel Guide

Nashville Travel Guide

Nashville Travel Guide

To Stay

  • Airbnb $-$$$: We stayed at the cutest little Airbnb 10 minutes from downtown. There were several places we were looking at, but a house made the most sense. Originally there was going to be 5 of us, but then ended up being only 3 of us. If you are going in a group I would highly recommend an Airbnb instead of a hotel. Ours was decorated so cute and I loved how we were all together, and could talk across the house and had plenty of room. Sometimes with hotels I hate how there is not a sitting area, so I was really happy that there was a good size living room and a cute little front and back porch. Our exact house we stayed at is here.
  • Thompson Nashville $$$$: I have heard from several different people that this is the hotel to stay in while in Nashville. It is walking distance to all of the major attractions and the rooms look super swanky. I love the whole modern feel of the hotel and everything about it looks like it was really thought out. Next time I might have to just stay here!
  • Hutton Hotel $$$: This hotel is also super cute. It is walking distance from Music Row and has some great amenities. When I am on vacation sometimes I just want to not do anything and enjoy the spa. They have onsite massages and body treatments which is always a plus in my opinion, The decor is very rustic/manly but with a modern twist. It is so unique and for the price you are getting an incredible hotel.

Nashville Travel Guide

Nashville Travel Guide

Romper | Hat | Sunglasses (under $10)

Nashville Travel Guide

To Eat

  • Biscuit Love: I had heard so many great reviews about this restaurant before we went on the trip and knew that I had to try it. There was not a thing on the menu that did not sound amazing to me. Of course the majority of their menu involved biscuits, and I opted for one that had fried chicken, gravy and cheese in it. This is a very popular restaurant and we did wait outside for about 30 minutes FYI. It is so worth it though and they had cute little souvenirs like a shirt that I got that said “Resting Brunch Face” and the cutest Nashville neon sign.
  • The Flip Side: We went to this place as soon as we landed and were not disappointed. I had heard that they had the best bloody mary’s and they sure did. They are the biggest ones I have ever seen, and even have fried chicken and crab legs in them. It is like a full meal and will cost you about $25 though. They also have other grub including fried chicken and salads. I would go here even if it is just for a Bloody Mary.
  • Jeni’s Ice Cream: When I heard that Nashville had a Jeni’s Ice Cream I was so excited! They have several locations around the states including in Charleston where I first found this place. It is by far my favorite ice cream place and I of course had to stop in again. They have seasonal flavors as well, but there is something so amazing about their creamy ice cream that I just love and would highly recommend.
  • Husk: This is another restaurant that was in Charleston and we were unable to go to because you had to have reservations 6 weeks out. We ended our trip here in Nashville with a Sunday brunch which was a Southern heaven. Their deviled eggs and pimiento cheese dip was out of this world. I then got a traditional omelet for my entree, but they also had the traditional shrimp and grits which also looked so yummy. It is in this cute historical building and I loved how cute and very high class Southern it was inside.
  • Five Daughters Bakery: I was so impressed by this little bakery when we went to grab donuts and coffee. First of all the neon pink signs and the white decor was enough for me to just be mezmorized for a little while. They had so many unique donuts including one that was maple bacon and several that had fillings and lots of sugar. The dough was soft and it was one of the best donuts I have had.
  • Hattie B’s: We were not able to go to this famous restaurant but heard great things about it. We already waited a while for Biscuit Love which we were able to get fried chicken there anyway. I heard this is the place for some hot chicken though. When we go back we will have to make a stop here.
  • The Farmhouse: I am so glad we went to this restaurant as I thought the food was so fresh and tasty. It is a farm to table type restaurant and we went here for dinner on our first night. It is located in downtown which was perfect distance for us to walk to the bars afterwards. When we ate dinners the 3 of us would all share some appetizers and entrees which was always the best thing to do, so we could sample everything.  I would highly recommend the fried green tomatoes and pork tenderloin. I also liked their cocktail and wine list too which is always a plus!
  • Adele’s: This restaurant was recommended by a friend who goes there all of the time. It was in the Gulch area which has a lot of great restaurants. It was also a farm to table concept mixed with new American type of food. It was so cute inside and the weather was so nice to sit on the patio if you wanted. We ate there for a late dinner and had a mix of appetizers and entrees again. I would recommend getting one of their pastas and trying the smoked trout dip.
  • Le Sel: We didn’t get to go to this place because there was not enough time, but it looked so cute. It is a little French brasserie and the pink velvet booths is what drew me in. I have got to try this place next time I go, even if it is just for a photo opportunity.
  • Goo Goo Shop: I had never heard of these, but they are a thing in Nashville. We had to stop by this little cute candy store for these famous Goo Goo clusters. They are a yummy chocolate treat and the shop is too cute. They have merchandise and candy you can buy, but also a dessert bar that we had to try out too.

Nashville Travel Guide

Nashville Travel Guide

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Nashville Travel Guide


To Do

  • Country Music Hall of Fame: Since it was my first time in Nashville this was one of the things I had to do. I love country music so it was interesting walking around this museum seeing all of the outfits, records, and other memorabilia from the world’s most talented people. It took us probably about an hour to walk around everything, and I would say to for sure visit it when you are there. Of course I spent the whole time trying to find Miranda Lambert’s outfit because we all know that she is my favorite!
  • Grand Ol Opry: We did not get a chance to do this because honestly food, drinks, and just walking around were our favorite things to do. This would be good to go back and see a concert here as it is such an American icon and Nashville’s number one attraction. It is country’s most famous stage, and I would love to get a tour of it next time.
  • Walk Down 12 South: This is where we ventured on Friday and then came back here on Sunday morning as well. I love this part of Nashville. Several of the restaurants I listed are located on this cute little strip. If you live in Houston it kind of reminds me of the Heights. There are several cute shops we went into like White Mercantile and Draper James which is owned by Reese Witherspoon. This was the cutest store and they even give you some sweet tea when you are shopping there. Outside of Draper James is a fun mural, and also where the Nashville mural is. I would highly recommend exploring this street.
  • Party Tours: If you have ever done a pedal party you know how fun those are. Nashville takes it to a whole new level with these party tours that are these crazy party buses that look so fun. We would see them everywhere we looked whether it was an upscale school bus or a big tractor, everyone was having so much fun. This is for sure on my bucket list next time I go with a group.
  • Belle Mead Plantation: We did not get a chance to go to this plantation but it looked really gorgeous. I love touring plantations and have been to some in Charleston and New Orleans. There is something so great about the history and then the architecture that is amazing.
  • Live Music on Broadway: I would say this is where we hung out the majority of our time. That was the one thing we wanted to get out of this trip was listen to some live music, and you can get that at just about every bar on Broadway. I thought Broadway reminded me of New Orleans mixed with Austin a little bit. I loved it so much, and every bar was different but just as talented as the one previously.

Nashville Travel Guide

Nashville Travel Guide

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Nashville Travel Guide

To Drink

  • ACME: This bar was a very interesting concept. It had about 3 floors and each of them were different. 2 of the floors were restaurants and then you get to the rooftop and it is a complete outdoor patio drinking scene. The weather was perfect when we were there so enjoying a cocktail on the rooftop would be ideal. It was a little too crowded when we were there, so I would recommend getting there a little early to grab a table.
  • The Patterson House: We didn’t get to venture to this bar but I have heard that it is the cocktail bar to go to in Nashville. It looks like it is one of those craft cocktail places that takes about 10 minutes to make your drink, but in a cozy setting. I love bars like this and anything that is an innovative cocktail I will try. This would be a good chill place before dinner as well.
  • Pinewood Social: This place has it all with bowling, restaurants, and a good drink scene. We almost went to this place but instead hung out at Honky Tonk Central a lot of the time. It is set in an industrial building and they even have bocce ball and some pools. I love the concept and hope they can open one up in Houston too.
  • Honky Tonk Central: We hung out at this bar the most during the weekend. It is also a couple of stories and has a great scene. The bands that perform here are pretty top notch. We stayed here for hours listening to the music and they have bands on all 3 levels which is so fun. This place gets extremely packed so try to get there early and you will want to stay for a while.
  • Broadway Brewhouse: This bar featured the Bushwacker drink and is the original, so we thought we would check it out. It is a total dive bar which was a little different from the other bars that we had gone to. I really liked the Bushwacker drink which is basically like an alcoholic Wendy’s frosty drink. It was good to change up the pace a little and chill before going to other places.

Nashville Travel Guide

Tank | Jeans | Shirt | Boots | Hat | Necklace (vintage, similar) | Sunglasses (under $10) | Watch

Overall Nashville was such a fun city and I can see why so many people go there for bachelorette parties and other events. It is for sure a place that I would like to go back to several times again. I can even see going for someone’s birthday and having a big group. There is something about it being the country music capital and live music everywhere that I just love. Have any of you been and what were some of your must go to spots?

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  • Reply Rick September 12, 2017 at 2:43 pm

    That was so informative. I will use this as my reference guide when I visit.

    • Reply Brittany Boone September 13, 2017 at 6:25 am

      Thank you Ricky. It is such a great place to visit

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    bookmarking this post because I want to go to Nashville for my bachelorette party next year!!

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      You have to! So many bachelorette parties because it is such a fun city

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    i have been dying to go to nashville!!

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    i’ve heard so much about nashville and need to go sometime! love this guide!

    cute & little

    • Reply Brittany Boone September 13, 2017 at 6:26 am

      Yes you really do it will become your new favorite city

  • Reply Kasey | Running in Heels September 12, 2017 at 10:36 pm

    So many fun places and things to do! I loved visitig nearlier this year!

    • Reply Brittany Boone September 13, 2017 at 6:26 am

      Isn’t it fun?? I already want to go back

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    I’ve only been to Nashville once! Must go back soon!

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    I’ve never been to Nashville before, but this post makes me want to go just for the food, haha. Will definitely be referencing this later!

  • Reply Linda Lutich September 13, 2017 at 12:52 pm

    I can’t believe you didn’t go to the Grand Ol’ Opry!!!!! It’s the BEST attraction there!!!! When Lou and I went to Paducah to look at a boat, we flew to Nashville, stayed at a darling airbnb, and rented a car. I called the Grand Ol’ Opry to find out about tickets (we were only there one night) and the lady said they were sold out. She put me on hold and came back online and told me it was my lucky day and that two seats in the THIRD row just opened up!! Those are usually seats reserved for family and friends of the performers!!!! It was my birthday which accounts for all the luck I’ve had in life (7-11!) The Grand Ol’ Opry had been on my bucket list. Crossed that one off!!!!

  • Reply Shelby Back September 13, 2017 at 3:03 pm

    I love Nashville so much! There is so much to do & so much good food!


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    love love love Nashville!

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    You hit up all my favorite places! So glad you had a good trip!

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    WOW so much great info! Pinning this ASAP so that I know where to go when I plan a Nashville trip!!

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