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Mother/Daughter Trip Ideas

Hi everyone I wanted to do a topic that I hold close to my heart and that my mom and I started 2 years ago, and that is going on a mother/daughter trip! We have gone to several places together that are local whether it is enjoying the Nutcracker market here in Houston during Christmas time or having a day at the spa just the two of us. There is something about going for a long weekend on a trip overnight that I think really bonds the time with you and your mom. We started this 2 years ago when we went to Napa and Sonoma for the first time. I had mentioned our wonderful trip here  where I shared our travel guide and what we did during our entire stay. If you can I would recommend flying somewhere, or at least do a longer road trip. Mom and I wanted to cross off Napa on our bucket list and were able to find a great deal so we decided to go that route. I say to go for a couple of days and to somewhere that is longer than a couple of hours away so you feel like you are both away from everything, and it is truly a trip for just the two of you. A lot of times and especially lately I have felt like I am in desperate need of a trip like this. It is nice to just unwind and have that time with your biggest fan for the weekend.

Mom and I just booked our mother/daughter trip this year and it just so happens to be on Mother’s Day weekend too 😉 We are going to Charleston which we can’t wait for. I have been the last 2 summers for a conference, but mom has not. We religiously watch Southern Charm so that was a given where we were going to venture to this time. I see us eating, drinking and walking our way through this town. We also are going to stop by Boone Plantation. I mean how could we not with it being our last name and all and having scenes from the Notebook filmed there! We can’t wait for this adventure, but most of all the laughs we are going to enjoy while we are there. If you haven’t ever done a mother/daughter trip I would highly recommend it. As we get older and our lives get more crazier, it is nice to look forward to that trip once a year that you can just enjoy each other and make the most of the weekend. What is even better is you can scrap book your adventures together afterwards too. This also makes for a great Christmas present or Mothers Day present for your mom. Below are some of my favorite mother/daughter trip ideas, what are some of yours??

  • Napa/Sonoma – This was great to do for our first mother/daughter trip. Enjoying wine and cheese while having an amazing view is my kind of adventure.
  • Charleston – We can’t wait to go here in May! This city has Southern charm and amazing food and drinks written all over it.
  • Savannah – This city was a close second for us on picking where to go this year. We will probably go here next time as this is another quant Southern city that seems adorable.
  • Nashville – If you both are a lover of country music then this city would be a great place. I have never been and have been dying to go. Between exploring places like the Grand Ol’ Opry and enjoying the live music, this would be a fun place to visit.
  • New York City – This is one of my favorite cities. I have been here several times, but my mom hasn’t been. You have a million different options on things to do in this city which makes it a total adventure.
  • Paris – Now if you want to go all out and outside of the U.S. I would say Paris is a no brainer. This is for sure a bucket place in my mind and being able to go with my mom and shop around would be heaven.
  • Las Vegas – What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas when you and your mom go! Between the shopping, shows and of course plenty of great gambling and fun this place would be fun to venture off with your mom.
  • Scottdale – I hear the spas here are to die for! This would be a low key weekend filled with relaxation and of course the amazing scenery here. I have also been wanting to try this place out for a while.
  • Cruise – We all know that I love cruises and my mom I think loves them even more than I do! Why not go on a 4 or 5 day one to Mexico or wherever you would like and enjoy having everything at your finger tips and so many activities!

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